I Pledge Allegiance to the Earth, and to all Life on and within Her!

I pledge the transformation of myself, which is the journey through light and dark,
and I honor Earth’s momentous role in setting me free!

– adapted from quote from “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” by Barbara Marciniak

Poster for Over the Rainbow Bridge virtual art show
I am a cosmic artist, web-marketing goddess, and Starseed who is on a mission to fully express who I am through my art and my life, through remembering who I really am and tapping into my multidimensional, cosmic nature. I am passionate about co-creating a harmonious, peaceful future for Earth where ALL beings are empowered, enlightened and living their joy, and believe that remembering our cosmic heritage and reconnecting with our cosmic family is an important part of this transformation.

My art is very cosmic in nature, as this is a big part of who I am and my work here in this lifetime. My process is also very intuitive, and I rarely know what I’m going to paint when I start creating. I simply follow my intuition, starting with whatever color I feel drawn to and painting whatever I feel. Painting for me is channeling, and I am frequently amazed by what comes through as I open and go with the flow.

Rainbows have become a common theme in my art, something I feel this draw, this desire, to paint… so they often show up. The more I give myself permission to paint them, the more I fall in love with them!

I find myself painting rainbows very specifically – seven specific colors, that correspond to the seven main chakras within the human body. I feel a significance to these colors, and know that each one has something to transmit through my art.

The Rainbow Bridge represents the connection between earth and cosmos, bridging and integrating two different realms. As a starseed here on planet Earth, I remember my cosmic connection while also learning to be fully earth human, rooted and grounded in Mama Gaia. But I’m not here to just be human, either. I’m here to be both, simultaneously, because that’s who I am. My mission here is to be a cosmic human, connected and grounded in both realms, integrating both aspects of who I am – and everything in between, the full spectrum!

My art is an expression of this, with symbols and imagery from both realms, sharing transmissions through color and symbols and vibrations encoded within the art. I find it to be powerfully healing and inspiring for myself, and I’ve heard others say they feel that too, so I know it has something special to offer to those who are aligned to receive from it.