The Re-Wilding Me Project

I am one of the lucky ones.

I grew up close to the land. Eating wild foods. Exploring the forest around where we lived (60kms outside of the closest small town). Growing food. Playing outside for hours a day. Walking barefoot, and wading barefoot through the cold spring water that would flood parts of our fields.

We weren’t afraid of dirt or germs. We didn’t spend time on electronics – we didn’t even have them in our family until I was older. As kids, we entertained ourselves with playing outside, or making things, or playing with plastic animals or blocks or other simple toys.

We didn’t slather our skin in sunscreen, we welcomed the sun. How well I remember sunny spring days when I would curl up with a blanket in the wheelbarrow, turned into the sun, to soak up as much of it as I could get despite the chill in the air and snow still on the ground.

I have always felt a connection to the earth, to the cosmos, and felt myself a part of it all.

In my early twenties, I moved to the “big city” and learned that not everyone was as lucky as I to have the experience of growing up so connected to the land. I met people who had grown up in the city, entertaining themselves with electronics and eating only food from the grocery store. During my ten years in the city, I found myself often longing for the wide open spaces, the wild forest, and my bare feet on the earth and in the spring waters. I managed to find spaces where I could go barefoot, pick fresh grass for my guinea pigs, and connect with the earth – but it was never the same as those wild spaces I knew as a child. I missed the small-town country life I’d grown up in, and it was inevitable that eventually I would find my way back home.

In 2016, at the age of 33, I returned to my hometown with a lot more experience under my belt, and a new perspective of myself and life on planet Earth. The years since then I have been immersed in reconnecting with the land, going for long walks in the forest, harvesting and preserving wild foods, making friends with the trees, the animals, and “my” beloved mountain.

And becoming Mama to a magical, wise little girl – and now another precious child on the way.

Re-wilding, for me, means getting back to the land and raising my children in ways that are connected to the earth, caring for the earth, remembering that we are of the earth.

So many children today do not have this experience. They are plugged in – to electronics, to the system, to the programming, to mainstream everything – and they are forgetting that they are actually part of the earth. Especially in today’s crazy world, we are being told to sanitize and disinfect everything. Children are being taught to be afraid of their environment, afraid of “germs”, even afraid of other people.

In the midst of this insanity, I know that one way I can take a stand for LIFE itself is to raise my children differently. To make it a priority to care for ourselves and care for the earth, and to live our lives in a way that is in harmony with all life – not disconnected and numbed out and following whatever we’re told.

And so this is the Re-Wilding Me Project. My life, as a mother, raising my children as children of the earth, opting out of the sanitized and programmed version of reality and nurturing my own wild side, that innate, natural part of me that IS of the earth, connected to the earth so intimately.

In my own life, I do this in various ways. It is part of my daily life, part of who I be and how we be as a family. Wild foods are part of our every day diet. Walks in the forest, and talking to the trees and animals are a normal thing.

I’m not afraid of germs, because I know that our very bodies are made of trillions of microorganisms, and they are not to be feared. When we care for ourselves and support our body with the right nutrients (physical and energetic), then it comes into balance and can do its job of healing and protecting itself from anything harmful in our environment. It is the same with earth, and I know I play a role in supporting her with her healing and protecting her from harm.

As I explore more of the wild side of life, which is my actual nature, a desire bubbles up within me to share what I am learning and experiencing. My intention is to live my life outloud, simply share what I am learning and doing in my daily life, in hopes that it will inspire you in your own journey of re-wilding – yourself, your children, your family.

Re-wilding is about getting back to our roots, that run deep into Mother Earth. It’s about remembering how to live in harmony with the Earth, to learn from her and to care for her and all beings who call her home. It is about remembering who we really are as Earth-humans, and living a life that cares for life itself in all forms.

It is my intention to share my own journey in whatever way I feel inspired to do so as I go. I imagine lots of photos, some videos, and written ramblings, along with hands-on recipes and tutorials to learn some new skills yourself.

This project is an evolution and I am figuring it out as I go, so I’m not going to outline a particular format or promise to deliver specific content. I am going to flow with whatever is present for me on a day to day basis, with an overarching theme of exploring this idea of Re-Wilding Me. If you want to follow along, and even join me in this exploration, you are welcome to do so in whatever way works for you. And if this topic doesn’t interest you and you simply want to wish me well upon my way and go another direction – thank you for witnessing this, and may your journey be magical!

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