In All Her Glory by Jesse Webb

“In All Her Glory”

by Jesse Webb

* I call it a “transmission”, because I’m not sure what else to call it. It is an audio transmission of whatever comes through me as I sit with the painting. Sounds, song, english words, light language, guided meditations. I don’t try to make sense of it or control it, I just open my mouth and let it flow. I think of it as a vocal transmission of the energy of the painting.

About this Painting

“In All Her Glory” was painted in December 2015 and was inspired by a vision I saw in a guided meditation during one of Laura Hollick’s ritual series. In the meditation, I imagined looking into a mirror and seeing my iconic self – who I really am, who I am becoming. This painting represents the vision that I saw of myself in that mirror.

This one is a bit challenging for me to look at sometimes, because I see myself, my nude self, and it feels a bit raw and vulnerable, like I am exposing myself to the world through this painting. The vision I saw was glorious, the rainbow wings were particularly beautiful, and looking at myself in all my naked glory was empowering and healing. This painting simply can’t capture the full vision, but it does hold the frequency and reminds me of who I really am.

The rainbow wings feel like FREEDOM to be ME, in all my glory. They also represent that idea of being the rainbow bridge, being connected to earth and cosmos. In the vision, there was a big tree behind me (you can see the brown of the trunk, and green of the leaves in the painting but not really any other details), and it feels grounded while also reflecting that ability to fly, to experience other realms. Both aspects are present.

It speaks to me of being stripped down to the essence of who I am, baring it all without fear or shame, simply being and witnessing that which I am.