Galactic Trailblazer by Jesse Webb

“Galactic Trailblazer”

by Jesse Webb

* I call it a “transmission”, because I’m not sure what else to call it. It is an audio transmission of whatever comes through me as I sit with the painting. Sounds, song, english words, light language, guided meditations. I don’t try to make sense of it or control it, I just open my mouth and let it flow. I think of it as a vocal transmission of the energy of the painting.

About this Painting

“Galactic Trailblazer” was painted in the fall of 2016. I didn’t have a specific intention for this painting, it was more about playing with one of my favorite colors (blue!) and some of the shapes I love to paint – hands and feet, rainbow finger prints, triangles, and dots.

It feels very galactic to me, and speaks to me of blazing a new trail as a starseed here on planet Earth.  I see footprints following a rainbow path. I see handprints with that same rainbow signature. I see that rainbow spectrum, the rainbow bridge, in both the steps I take – the path I follow – and the actions I take – the mark I leave on the world.

I see energy flowing and bursting, activating. It feels alive. Full. Vibrant. And not just ONE path, but movement in many different directions, many different methods, ALL part of the bigger plan, the bigger blueprint.

Being a Galactic Trailblazer, to me means making my own path here on planet Earth, and remembering who I really am, my galactic heritage. Seeing the bigger cosmic perspective in the midst of human drama. Remembering that there is much more to reality than this one little planet.

There is no ONE way, for a Galactic Trailblazer! It is not a linear line that is followed from beginning to end, without straying from the straight and narrow… oh no, it is an intricate dance and blending of various “ways”, many different tools and processes and ideas and experiences. Each containing part of the whole of who I am.