Fully Express ME by Jesse Webb

“Fully Express ME”

by Jesse Webb

* I call it a “transmission”, because I’m not sure what else to call it. It is an audio transmission of whatever comes through me as I sit with the painting. Sounds, song, english words, light language, guided meditations. I don’t try to make sense of it or control it, I just open my mouth and let it flow. I think of it as a vocal transmission of the energy of the painting.

About this Painting

“Fully Express ME” was started in March 2016, and took a few months to complete. This painting is another “body map” that I created for an assignment for Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Certification program. The intention for this Soul Art journey was: As I fully express my Highest Excitement and Truth, I easily attract an abundant flow of money to me.

The insight I received from this painting at the completion of the assigment was that if I’m not seeing the easy, abundant flow of money, then I must not be fully expressing! That’s all I need to do, all I am here to do, fully express ME – my truth, my highest excitement, my essence. When I do that fully, whole-heartedly, the rest will follow.

This painting also speaks of many different forms of expression – through my hands, my feet, my mouth, so many different pathways and flow. It doesn’t matter HOW I express, it just matters that I do, as fully and completely as I can in each moment, in whatever way feels fun and playful and exciting!

As I fully express my Highest Excitement and truth, I easily attract an abundant flow of money to me. This flow happens as a result of allowing my natural flow and expression and the more I allow the more I attract all of the support that I need, because abundance is my true nature, my natural expression. I cannot get it wrong, and there is not right way to do it, because it’s my expression and it’s up to me and what feels good to me in each moment, whatever way lights me up and fills my heart with joy!