Freedom Wings by Jesse Webb

“Freedom Wings”

by Jesse Webb

* I call it a “transmission”, because I’m not sure what else to call it. It is an audio transmission of whatever comes through me as I sit with the painting. Sounds, song, english words, light language, guided meditations. I don’t try to make sense of it or control it, I just open my mouth and let it flow. I think of it as a vocal transmission of the energy of the painting.

About this Painting

“Freedom Wings” was painted in 2017, and is one of two paintings I did at the time working with the intention: I receive money with ease and joy. I definitely feel a lot of ease and joy energy in this piece!

It speaks to me of freedom to be ME, freedom to fly, to explore all of the many colors of who I am. To spread my wings and soar into the unknown, where I will only find my own being, my own sovereignty, my own divinity.

This painting was a lot of FUN to create. The rainbow colors are always fun to play with, and I even ended up with a rainbow on my arm. It was exciting to use some of the feathers I collect and incorporate my connection to nature, Mama Gaia. And the blood. Nothing is more personal and more of my very essence than my blood, and adding it to my paintings always feels like a powerful activation. This was one of the first paintings I created with my blood.

An interesting note on the history of this canvas… this painting was re-purposed by painting over an older painting. The original painting was started in 2015 and never finished, it was a group of space ships against a blue background. You may not see the ships in the painting today, but that energy is still layered in there as part of the finished piece.

This painting speaks to me personally about the freedom to be me, the full spectrum that I am. Letting it all shine, like all the colors of the rainbow. (Including the part of me that loooooves ETs and gets excited about painting space ships!) It speaks of flying, spreading my wings and soaring on the heights of my highest excitement. “Over the rainbow!” it calls to me, reminding me that true abundance, true ease, true joy, comes when I am in the flow of my own energy and embracing the full spectrum of me.

This painting beautifully represents both realms, earth and cosmos. Rooted and grounded in the very blood of my physical body, while the feathers represent flight, soaring in cosmic realms far above the pull of the earth. Both are present, and it feels very grounded and lofty.

This piece FEELS easy and joyful and so rich and abundant. It feels like vibrant life, full of possibilities and opportunities, always growing and evolving and becoming more. It speaks of the freedom and joy there is in being the rainbow bridge, in embracing the full spectrum of who I am as an Earth human AND cosmic spirit, playing in different realms and realities.