Bridge Between Worlds by Jesse Webb

“Bridge Between Worlds”

by Jesse Webb

* I call it a “transmission”, because I’m not sure what else to call it. It is an audio transmission of whatever comes through me as I sit with the painting. Sounds, song, english words, light language, guided meditations. I don’t try to make sense of it or control it, I just open my mouth and let it flow. I think of it as a vocal transmission of the energy of the painting. I recommend you listen to it while looking at the painting.

About this Painting

“Bridge Between Worlds” was painted in the last half of 2015, over several months. This painting was a Soul Art journey as part of Laura Hollick’s Soul Art Certification program that I was in at the time. The painting itself is BIG, and I used a tracing of my body to get it started (Laura calls this process “body mapping”). By the end, it contained my body tracing, hair and blood, and feels like a powerful reflection of my essence.

This piece is a bit challenging for me to look at sometimes, because it reflects the parts of me that I don’t like or feel shame around. It’s raw and vulnerable, visualizing aspects of me that are wanting to be accepted and loved by me. Sometimes I almost want to cringe and turn away – the hair looks funky, or the shapes could have been painted better, or the blood is too much… there is something about it that brings up my inner critic, and it is a beautiful reflection to help me accept myself just as I am.

Originally I named this painting “Galactic Me”, but that never felt quite right, and as I started to revisit it while preparing for this Over the Rainbow Bridge virtual art show I realized it needed a new name. The new name revealed itself to me right away, and this painting is speaking soooo much to me about being the Bridge Between Worlds.

It visualizes the idea of being a bridge between worlds beautifully. The rainbow is in there, in the chakras going up through the body from red at the bottom to purple at the top, from earth to cosmos. I see layers of reality in there, and the body-bridge spanning through all of those layers. Connecting the different realms. Being in the different realms.

And did you notice my Galactic friends making their appearance? There are three ships in this painting, two above and one below – each in a different “level” of the background, or a different realm. Space ships often make an appearance in my art, and they represent that cosmic part of me and my connection to my galactic family and friends, from various realms, worlds, and levels of reality. My cosmic team, as I like to call them, because they are also guides and co-creators with me in this adventure.