About Jesse

I am…

>> A white settler born and living on Gitxsan unceded territory, in so-called British Columbia, Canada. This land feels like home, and I am grateful to be welcomed by the Gitxsan, and welcome the opportunity to support them however I can in asserting their sovereignty, and their rights and responsibility to this land, as the original peoples who have lived here for thousands of years.

>> A mother, to a precious, magical little being who has chosen to come in for such a time as this! I am grateful that she has also been born here on Gitxsan territory, and I will do whatever I can to ensure that this land will be here for her generation, and the generations to follow. She is an amazing little creature and I love watching her grow and develop, becoming more and more of who she’s here to be. I’m not here to shape her, I’m here to love her and help her not forget who she really is as she ventures forth into a world that has largely forgotten.

>> A lover of Mother Earth, Gaia, this beautiful planet we all call home. It breaks my heart to see the raping and pillaging, the disrespect and destruction, of our precious planet. All in the name of “profit”, lining the pockets of a few and leaving the land desolate and toxic. I spend a lot of time walking out in the forest, sending love to the Earth and connecting with the trees and other life around me. I have a love affair with Birch Trees, and regularly talk to Stekyoden, the mountain overlooking the Hazeltons where I live.

>> A spirit in a physical body, having a human experience. I recognize that I create my reality, that my thoughts, actions, intentions, create what I experience, and that I can change it at any time. I am exploring creating positive change in my life, and in the world, by following my heart and my highest excitement. This website is a place to express my heart, and explore my truth, and is definitely very exciting to my spirit!